Unexplained ACF2 issue in CLASSMAP for resource class TSOPROC
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Unexplained ACF2 issue in CLASSMAP for resource class TSOPROC


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ACF2 - z/OS


The ACFMFSEC sample JCL indicate that a GSO CLASMAP record should be specified for the resource class TSOPROC. The GSO CLAMAP record for resource class TSOPROC are ignored. Validations for resource class TSOPROC use TYPE(TPR) regardless of the TYPE code specified in the GSO CLASMAP for resource class TSOPROC. Why?


Release : 16.0

Component :


The reason the ACFRPTRV report does not show the 'SAF RESOURCE CLASS' because the resource validation is done by an ACF2 SVC call rather than a RACROUTE call. Any CLASMAP record for Resource class TSOPROC will be ignored and TYPE(TPR) will always be used. The logonid VLD-PROC field does  state: 'You must create a resource rule with a type code of TPR and a $KEY of the procedure name so that ACF2 performs this validation.'.

The ACFMFSEC sample JCL will be updated to remove the following reference:

Activate the TSOPROC class  
   SET CONTROL(GSO)