3951 abend at shutdown with PMDC
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3951 abend at shutdown with PMDC


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PMDC is a third party performance monitoring tool for IDMS.

An IDMS CV with PMDC installed may encounter a 3951 abend at shutdown.

During shutdown, the PMDC task can stay active preventing the CV from shutting down for a long enough period of time to cause a 3951 abend.


Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS/DB


This can be due to the values set for the IDMS TICKER interval and the PMDC TICK parameter. As long as the multiplication of the two intervals is lower than 60, the 3951 abend should not occur. Anything higher will risk running into a 3951 abend.


The PMDC TICK parameter is limited to between 1 and 30. Broadcom highly recommends that the IDMS TICKER should always be set to 1 as this is the fastest way to catch a timer related event.

Please contact PMDC support regarding  why the task is not properly closing down.