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How to reset the Console & enable password through Serial console?


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ISG Proxy


Need to reset the console & enable password through the serial console for ISG.


To reset the console and enable the password for the ISG please follow the below steps:

Step 1:  Login into the Serial console.

Step 2:  Press Enter three times to activate the console.

Step 3:  After enabling the console you will get two options as below, select option 2 Setup console.

Step 4:  Hit any key to start the configuration

Step 5:  Considering we want to only change the password and the rest all the options should remain default hence we will hit enter where prompted till Step 12.
Step 6:  Hence enter the interface number to configure[1]: Enter
Step 7:  user DHCP for IP addresses, gateway, and DNS settings on interface 0:0? Y/N [No]: Enter
Step 8:  IP address[x.x.x.x]: Enter
Step 9:  IP subnet mask [x.x.x.x]: Enter
Step 10: IP gateway [x.x.x.x]: Enter
Step 11: DNS Server [x.x.x.x]: Enter
Step 12: Would you like to change any of them: Y/N [No]: Enter

Step 13: Would you like to change the console user password now? Y/N [No]: Yes ( Press Yes to change the password)
Step 14: Would you like to change the enable user password now? Y/N [No]:   Yes ( Press Yes to change the password)