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Update VS's from HTTP-->HTTPs using API Calls


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Service Virtualization


This article will provide information on changing the configuration of VS to SSL enabled (http-->https) using REST API calls.

As is DevTest doesn't provide the functionality of changing the VS from http to https with API call but it can be done manually by editing each VS manually.

Need a more robust solution which should help when modifying 100+ VS's.



Release : 10.x

Component : DevTest Virtual Service


Functionality need to be customized to change many VS from http-->https.


Recommended to use "Virtual Service Invoke API" calls to achieve the functionality of changing the VS from http-->https for many services at one time than changing each one manually one at a time. This section can be found in the documentation of the DevTest version you are running.
The recommendation is not just one step but need to create a test case with multiple steps to update each VS hosted on a specific Registry and VSE from http-->https and use the specific Keystore file. The LISA REST API will take care of redeployment with changed configuration.

Attached is the test case from Services which can be used/extended to achieve the functionality.

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