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Rounding issue in Visual Staffing -> Allocations Timeline view


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An issue in the bottom half of the Allocations Timeline view has been noticed in the Modern UX -> Visual Staffing page. Steps to reproduce it are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Modern UX -> Projects -> Staff tab
  2. Allocate a named resource as follows (Add one if not already present on the project):
    1. 2022-05 : 171.22
    2. 2022-06 : 192.72
  3. Navigate to Modern UX -> Staffing -> Allocations Timeline
  4. In View Options:
    1. Set "Start Period" and "End Period" to cover the periods from point 2
    2. Set "Money Decimal Display" to "0.00"
    3. Set "Number Decimal Display" to "0.00"
  5. Change the view in the top half to "Allocations By Resource". Filter for the named resource from point 2. Make note of values for 2022-05 and 2022-06
  6. Filter for the same named resource in the bottom half. Make note of values for 2022-05 and 2022-06

Expected Results: Decimal values are shown in both point 5 and 6

Actual Results: Decimal values are shown only in point 5. The bottom half always rounds off the values to the nearest integer. This is especially problematic when in Settings -> General, we set "Unit of Measure" to "FTE" or "Days".


Due to a defect with ID DE64663.


Version: 16.0.1


The defect has been fixed in the following version(s):

  • 16.0.2