../CAWVHOME/config/ConfigFile.cfg related query with Web Viewer 14.0
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../CAWVHOME/config/ConfigFile.cfg related query with Web Viewer 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


We are in the process of installing and configuring Web Viewer r14.0 on two LPARs. We have applied the latest maintenance as well. We have run the same set of receive & apply jobs on both the systems and have used the same SMPMCS files. 

On one LPAR, the configuration file "ConfigFile.cfg" under the directory ....../webviewer/CAWVHOME/config has the date of 2017:

000003 //*              Proprietary and Confidential Information   
000004 //*                  and Intellectual Property of          
000005 //*                        CA Technologies, Inc             
000006 //*                       Copyright (C) 2017 CA             

And on the other LPAR, it has a date of 2020 as shown below -

000001 //* Copyright (c) 2020 Broadcom.  All rights reserved.  The term        
000002 //* "Broadcom" refers to Broadcom Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.         
000003 //*                                                                     

There are slight differences between the two configuration files.                                           

There is also a configuration file 'ConfigFile.cfg' under the path ........./webviewer on both the LPARs that is similar to the one with date of 2020. Why is this difference in the configuration files between the two LPARs?


Release : 14.0

Component : Output Management Web Viewer


When the product is installed, a copy of the configfile.cfg is placed in the /webviewer folder  (2017 date in the comments)

After it is configured with the latest maintenance (2020 date in the comments) , the updated copy is placed in the CAWVHOME/config/ folder.  You may make a backup copy at this time.

When maintenance is applied, the original sample in the /webviewer folder is replaced and new parameters may have been added to the configfile.  The configured copy is NOT updated.

If parameters were added, then you must run CAHVCFUP to insert the new parameters to the configfile in the CAWVHOME/config/ folder.  This adds the new parameters without disturbing the configuration.  The comments are not updated.