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Rally Integration - Agile Fields not on Custom Investment Type and only on Project


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Agile Fields fields from the Agile Add-In are only applied to the Project object. How do they get applied to the Custom Investment Type objects in the Modern UI?

For example, Accepted Leaf Story Count or Accepted Leaf Story Plan Estimate Total (see attached file for a complete list of Rally fields that we want to synchronize).


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Add-Ins (PMO, Rally)


To get the same attributes available for Custom Investments, we would need to add those manually to the custom object.
So, if my CIT was "Business Case", I would need to add the fields seen on the Project object to the Business Case object.

Next, create a custom field mapping in Modern, Administration > Integrations > Create a new Integration.
Next go into the new or existing Integration and configure the  Lookup Mapping.

Where possible, the better and more manageable choice would be to add them to the Investment object.

Unless, for some reason the customer already had too many attributes on Investment or didn't want to have those attributes for other investment types.