Clarity Project remains locked even after saving and closing MSP
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Clarity Project remains locked even after saving and closing MSP


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After opening a Project in MSP when a local copy is saved to a file and MSP is closed out, the lock still remains in Clarity project.
This affects end users working in Clarity Modern UX and they are unable to save project when changes are made. There is no option to unlock the Project in modern UX.


1. From Clarity, open a Project (Read / Write) in MSP
2. click 'Save As' to save a local copy (make sure to rename the file to say for eg: 'abc.mpp')
3. Close the Project in MSP using - File-  Close option
4. Go back to the project in Clarity application

Expected Results: That project in Clarity will not be locked by MSP
Actual Results: Lock is still retained on Project in Clarity by MSP


Release : 15.9.3, 16.0.1


Logged as DE64660


This is Working As Designed

The 'Save' and 'Save As' under the MSP --> File menu is one that is not directly under Clarity control.

When you click on 'Save As' under the File menu, once you rename the *.mpp file name then Clarity loses connection with the file and therefore cannot control any subsequent actions which is why the lock is not released.

If you simply do a 'Save As' and do not rename the file stored locally then Clarity still retains control so even when you close down MSP the lock will not be retained in Clarity.

It is recommended users avoid renaming of the MSP file saved locally at the time of doing a 'Save As' action.

We support only the SaveAs (where you can rename file) from the "CA PPM Integration" Addin. 

MSP Save and Save As

Additional Information

Workaround: Open Project in Clarity Classic and unlock the lock under Project properties section.