Default Allocation Not Resetting on CITs
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Default Allocation Not Resetting on CITs


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Clarity PPM SaaS


How can we reset the default allocation on a CIT after a specific value was entered into one of the per-period metrics.



Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Resource Management


When you edit a per period metric, it sets an allocation segment.

Even if you change the Default Allocation the specific segments do not change.

All other segments (not manually created) will update.



Currently there is no way to easily zero out the allocations on CITs. 

At this time the recommendation is to add Start and Finish dates to the staff grid, we recommend using the project start and finish which you can also add to the grid.

Then remove the dates for the resource and then the allocations will spread correctly again.

This is somewhat like clearing out the segments.