Update ME4 storage array controllers and disks - U144 and U184
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Update ME4 storage array controllers and disks - U144 and U184


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Security Analytics


The storage arrays receive regular updates from Dell.  Often, these are not needed but some are deemed urgent.  These instructions will help you update the firmware for both the controllers and the disks.

There have been EMP errors coming from the management controller.  These errors are informational only and are resolved within five seconds but will trigger a notification of hardware or disk problems.  These appear to be fixed in the GT280R011-01 release.    The errors may call out alert condition on a "current sensor", "voltage sensor", "temperature sensor", or other internal sensors.

The disks have been reported as Failed but are good.  Replacing a reported failed disk may not solve the problem.  The firmware should be updated to at least the Hitachi (HGST) NM10 release.


This is for both the Broadcom U144 and U184 storage arrays.  Dell knows these as ME4012 and ME4084 or just ME4.


The most recent firmware is kept by Dell in their support library.  You will need to download the controller and the disk firmware.  These can also be done separately, as needed. There are no interruptions for the controller update but the disk update will require that all disk traffic be stopped.


  1. Login to the storage array with your browser to obtain the Service Tag.  It is found by hovering your mouse over the System name on the top row, center of the line.
  2. In a new tab, enter the URL, https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us
  3. Enter the Service Tag/Serial number of storage array
  4. Select Drivers and Downloads
  5. For the controller firmware, select Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Storage Controller Firmware. As of this writing, the most recent release is GT280R011-01.
  6. For the disk firmware, select the latest release.  The latest as of this update is A31_ME_Series_HDD_Firmware_with_ReadMe.zip.

For both the controllers and the disks -

  1. Unzip the files on your desktop.
  2. Login to the storage array using the Web interface.
  3. Select the green down arrow to the right of the System Name and Version
  4. Select Update Firmware

For the controller firmware update -

  1. In the pop up box, be sure to select the "Update Controller Modules" tab
  2. In the Bundle or Controller Firmware File line, select Browse and find the .bin file unzipped earlier.
  3. As of this writing, the controller firmware update is named GT280R010-01-dellemc.bin
  4. Be sure to select "Partner Firmware Update" so that both controllers are updated.
  5. Select OK to start the firmware update.  The update can be done during production.  There is no interruption to services. This takes longer than expected but the I/O to the array will continue.  Expect the controller(s) to be non-responsive for 5-15 minutes.
  6. At this point, the controller will upload the 50+ MB bin file and show the progress of the update.


To update the disks, you will need to stop all I/O traffic to and from the disks. Allow 30 minutes total to shutdown the traffic, update the firmware and start the Security Analytics sensor again.

  1. In the storage array browser tab, select the "Update Disk Drives" tab from the instructions above for the firmware.
  2. Select the drives you want to update.  There is a blue right arrow on the far right side for more pages of disks to select.  Multiple disks can be selected at one time.
  3. Login to the sensor using as root and stop all traffic with 'scotus stop'.
  4. At your browser, select HGST/NM10.bin
  5. Select OK to start the firmware update on the disks.  This takes less than five minutes.
  6. Start Security Analytics services again from the SSH command line with 'scotus start'.

This completes the firmware update.