Timesheet - Add Assigned Tasks missing Team assignment
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Timesheet - Add Assigned Tasks missing Team assignment


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Clarity PPM On Premise


A Clarity user heavily uses Resource Teams. Tasks are not often assigned directly to a labor resource but instead to a Team that the user is a member of.
When adding task to a timesheet, after clicking on the 'Add Assigned Tasks' option, only Investments tasks that a user is directly assigned is added to the timesheet. None of the Task that the user assigned via Team shows up.

Step To Reproduce

1. In Modern UX go to resources menu:
2. Create a team MyTeam and add a named resource Joe
3. Create a project called 'Project with Team assigned'
4. On the team tab, add Myteam
5. Create a task and assign Myteam
6. Open the timesheets in MUX and open a timesheet for Joe
7. Click on Add Tasks > 'Add Assigned Tasks'

Expected Results: Tasks to be displayed so they can be added to the timesheet.
Actual Results: No Task is displayed


Release : 15.9.3, 16.0

Component : Clarity Time Management


Logged as defect id: DE64657


This issue is resolved in 16.0.1