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RU updates and Web customizations


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When updating to an RU, what happens to web form customizations, the HTMPL forms that have been modified?


Release : 17.3

Component :  CA Service Desk Manager


Whenever an RU update is applied in Service Desk, only the baseline web forms that are stored in NX_ROOT\bopcfg are modified and updated.  Any custom forms that  are developed, particularly those created in Web Screen Painter, should be stored in the NX_ROOT\site directory.  Whenever a given HTMPL form is requested, the copy that is kept in the NX_ROOT\site directory will take precedence over any forms kept in NX_ROOT\bopcfg.  As such, when an RU update is applied, the forms kept in NX_ROOT\site\mods are not affected directly. 

However, depending on the baseline of the forms that were present at the time that the custom forms were created, there may be incompatibilities present.  Example:  detail_cr.htmpl was developed while the installation was running on 17.3 GA and the custom detail_cr.htmpl is kept in NX_ROOT\site.  When a later RU update is applied, there may be a new detail_cr.htmpl form updated to the NX_ROOT\bopcfg directory, but the custom detail_cr.htmpl that is kept in NX_ROOT\site still remains.  The custom detail_cr.htmpl that is kept in NX_ROOT\site will effectively be at the 17.3 GA release and none of the updates that were introduced in the later 17.3 RU will apply.

Additional Information

It is the responsibility of the assigned admin team who is maintaining the Service Desk Manager implementation to test the given RU update against any customizations that are present, and update the given forms appropriately.