Implementing QUIESCE (VMBEXIT2) User Exit
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Implementing QUIESCE (VMBEXIT2) User Exit


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VM:Backup for z/VM


Implementing VMBEXIT2 quiesce user exit so minidisks that are being skipped can be quiesced before backup.


Release : 3.6

Component : VM:Backup for z/VM


Recommended using VMBEXIT2 quiesce user exit to quiesce minidisks being skipped (VMBXCM0752W) because of TPF console files constantly changing.


Additional Information

The minidisks must also be specified in an exception file to quiesce along with the exit in place.

As documented:

Only one quiesce user exit can exist. Because all backup jobs specifying that a minidisk or file space be quiesced call this user exit, make sure that VMBEXIT2 is coded to include cases for all minidisks or file spaces that may need to be quiesced.