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Why is the iCSP client driver allowing or blocking my USB device?


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Industrial Control System Protection


iCSP client driver does nothing or blocks the USB storage device when it is plugged into a client computer


iCSP client driver does not recognize the device as a USB mass storage device type


the USB device is set to read-only and/or the public_key.ini file is missing from it


Release : all

Component : iCSP client driver


Read-only USB storage devices will be blocked by the client driver since the public_key.ini file can't be saved to a read-only storage device

There is no way to whitelist or add a USB device by device ID or any other means since the iCSP driver only blocks files on the device, not the device itself

The iCSP client driver does not recognize certain types of mobile devices that use different file transfer protocols and as such will not take any action when this device type is plugged into the client computer running the iCSP client driver

Review the Overview of Supported Devices techdoc on our online help page below: 

Overview of supported USB mass storage devices