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Manually delete a Product Release using MDB queries.


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


For some reasons, there may be an issue while using a specific Release created which is not possible to use or even delete.

This article describes how to manually delete a product release (Signature) and recreate it again with the same name.


Client Automation - All Versions.


Having a Test release created under a product as follow:

Searching this product release on "ca_software_def" table results in:

Before trying to delete an entry from 'ca_software_def', we need to identify the link between the desired release and the product that manages it:

NOTE: The 'link_type_id' should be 3, which means is a link of the kind "Product -> Release".

NOTE2: The 'primary_sw_def_uuid' is the ID of the "Product" that manages this release, which on this example is called 'Test_Product1', as seen on first screenshot.

NOTE3: The actual ID of the product can be verified on the same 'ca_software_def' table, looking for the name of the Product.


Once the link between the desired release and product has been found, it needs to be deleted first using the following DELETE statement:

Now is possible to delete the actual release, by running the following query:

After this, the release was actually deleted and is not found on DSM Explorer anymore:

Finally, a new Release can be created with the name of the just deleted item:

Additional Information

Since this article describes how to manually delete items from the MDB, its mandatory to first take a full backup, as a way to have a working start point, in case something happens in the process.