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PAN/SQL 2.4C is compatible with z/OS 2.4


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Which version or maintenance of PAN/SQL is required to support z/OS 2.4?

And, secondly, how is the version identified?


Pan/SQL (DB2 Interface), release 2.4


The following link for the z/OS Compatibility Matrix does not include Pan/SQL by name:           

But, Pan/SQL is part of the Easytrieve family and therefore Pan/SQL 2.4C is also compatible with z/OS 2.4.

To confirm which release of Pan/SQL is installed, do a find on 'XVAR2' in the module DQSPSXS in the Pan/SQL load library.  This will confirm the release level installed.  For release 2.4C, the date also should show 5/24/01, which is the latest release still at this time.  The FMID will be CB2A240.