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Integration between CA PAM and CA Treat Analytics does't work if tap device already exists


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CA Threat Analytics for PAM



Integration with TAP  fails if the tap device is already created

In tomcat (catalina log)

2022-04-04T14:09:00.468+0000 SEVERE [TP7] Call to Gatekeeper service controller failed: java.lang.NullPointerException




 I had created Device for TAP to have WEB UI access. However, it seems our integration does not like if the device already exists.

After I deleted device ,integration went fine.

So, to reproduce issue.

Create device, which has same IP/FQDN as TAP.

Follow the steps to integrate PAM and TAP, you will get same error.

Can this be a bug ?


Release : 2.2.3

Component :


This is not a bug. This is working as designed.

PAM has a special device for TAP integration ( that gets the address of the Thread Analytics device assigned once you configure TA.

There must not be another device using the same address. PAM has a built-in access method for TAP and makes that available to PAM administrators.