Applying an OPS/MVS z/OS 2.5 fix to OPS/MVS on z/OS 2.4 system
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Applying an OPS/MVS z/OS 2.5 fix to OPS/MVS on z/OS 2.4 system


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We need some clarification about LU04168 that we think will solve an issue when starting RMFGAT in our z/OS 2.5 system.

1) We download recently PTF and we have 95 PTF to apply for z/OS 2.4 and z/OS 2.5  including LU04168, can we apply all together and  can we move this to our system using z/OS 2.5 and z/OS 2.4 ?  That means can we fix the RMFGAT issue on our z/OS 2.5 and roll out to all our z/OS 2.4 also ?  Will this PTF do any issue on z/OS 2.4 ?

2) Current we have one LOABLIB for OPS/MVS that is used to all 7 LPAR in our sysplex, can we apply the LU04168 and use only in our z/OS 2.5 we have two sandbox using z/OS 2.5 and we need to fix the RMFGAT issue and all other 5 LPAR continuing using the old LOADLIB for z/OS 2.4?  We will have any issue here? 







Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


All z/OS compatibility PTFs are backwards compatible with prior z/OS releases, so there is no harm in applying z/OS 2.5 compatibility PTFs on a z/OS 2.4 system.

It is not necessary to segregate loadlibs and fix levels to accommodate a z/OS 2.5 system vs a z/OS 2.4 system, and thus there are no issues with applying all PTFs to systems incorporating either z/OS release, including LU04168.