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When requesting a user object via the API, not all attributes are shown


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) Rally Perpetual Hosted


When requesting a user object via WSAPI, not all of the user object attributes are visible.

For example, the following request is missing numerous fields such as DefaultProject, EmailNotificationEnabled, LastActiveDate and many more:

  • User:
         _rallyAPIMajor: "2",
         _rallyAPIMinor: "0",
         _ref: "",
         _refObjectUUID: "be2943ba-7476-44d9-baea-9b8e1151b708",
         _objectVersion: "25",
         _refObjectName: "AprilRoberts",
         ObjectID: 301551329204,
         CostCenter: "None",
         Department: "None",
         Disabled: false,
         DisplayName: "AprilRoberts",
         EmailAddress: "[email protected]",
         FirstName: null,
         LastName: null,
         MiddleName: null,
         OfficeLocation: "None",
         Phone: null,
         Role: "None",
         UserName: "[email protected]",
         Errors: [ ],
         Warnings: [ ]



For security reasons, this can happen when the user making the request does not have sufficient access levels to view these privileged fields.


Make the request using a user ID with higher security permissions.  At a minimum, Workspace Administrator permissions are needed to view these additional fields.