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Unable to run PowerShell script to push a Windows Feature update to certain windows machines


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Client Management Suite IT Management Suite


When importing a PowerShell script as a software package, the import process does not populate a command line into the software resource command line.

Tested with "PowerShell FILENAME.PS1", but it failed.



Incorrect syntax. Software Deliveries with open a Command session (cmd.exe) open to the cache folder on the client where the package resides. When pasting in the command line in a manual test, we saw that the error indicated it did not recognize the "filename" as a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program - indicating PowerShell did not recognize that you were passing a file to run.


Release: 8.x


The syntax to run a PowerShell script from a Command session is to place a dot-backslash before the file name

PowerShell .\FILENAME.PS1