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Passing a password as an argument


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Workload Automation Agent


We have a requirement to configure a batch job that will execute a call to stop/start cloud-based SAP Hana instance via Hana Cloud Foundry. I have recommended the POJO job to the customer, however, they would prefer if we execute the call through Hana Cloud Foundry instead of via a direct web service call from the ESP agent itself. 

We might use the NT job type and just invoke the cloud foundry executable and pass the necessary parameters -- however this would require that we pass the username and password as parameters as well. Is there any way to do this securely? Perhaps with the password utility that comes packaged with the Windows system agent?


Release : 12.0

Component : Workload Automation System Agent


There is no way to do it security using a CLI you would need to come up with your own custom way to encrypt passwords / decrypt which have to be passed to the CloudFoundry CLI. Due to security reasons we do not provide a decrypt utility for customer use.

You should use agent POJO as it is making the same calls as the CloudFoundry cli.  So any firewall or network policies are the same. If you trace the network communication from the CloudFoundry cli you will see the agent is making the exact same calls.  Using the CLI requires more complicated shell scripting to make sure accurate job status is reflected in ESP.