Statistics Overview: Proxy Sessions
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Statistics Overview: Proxy Sessions


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Proxy sessions provide extremely beneficial information in respect to processed network transactions and can be reviewed via the Proxy Management Console > Statistics > Sessions tab. Sessions are divided into two segments: Active and Errored.


Regarding Active/ErroredSessions

Viewing active sessions enables you to view detailed statistics about proxied sessions, errored sessions, bypassed connections, and ADN inbound connections. 

  • Viewing the proxied sessions provides information for diagnostic purposes.
  • Viewing bypassed connections helps identify new types of traffic flowing through the ProxySG appliance, as well as traffic flows that would benefit from optimization.
  • Viewing active ADN inbound connections provides information for diagnostic purposes.
  • Viewing errored sessions enables you to track details for troubleshooting.

Examples when using active sessions can help with troubleshooting problems.

  • A site-wide problem is occurring and the administrator uses active sessions to diagnose the failure. If it is a problem with DNS, for example, there will be a large number of sessions with DNS errors.
  • In protocols where errors might not be communicated another way (such as CIFS, TCP, or tunnels), active sessions record the actual error.
  • The determination of requests being denied in policy (at a quick glance).

Error message Information

The Detail column also displays the following errors: 

  • Errors connecting upstream (TCP errors, ADN network errors)  
  • Unexpected network errors after connecting (e.g., read errors)  
  • Request-handling errors (parse errors, unknown method or protocol, unsupported feature)  
  • Response-handling errors (parse errors, unknown method or protocol, unsupported feature, unexpected responses such as HTTP 500 errors from OCS)  
  • Unexpected internal errors  
  • DNS errors and DNS resolve failures  
  • External service errors such as ICAP, BCAAA, and so on 

Example Output for Reference


Note: Use the statistics on the Proxied Sessions pages as a diagnostic tool only. 
The Proxied Sessions pages do not display every connection running through the ProxySG. This feature displays only the active sessions—one client connection (or several), together with the relevant information collected from other connections associated with that client connection. Because it displays only open connections, you cannot use the data for reporting purposes. Additionally, you can view both current and historical errored sessions on the Statistics > Sessions > Errored Sessions pages.