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Post upgrade of UVC Web Console unable to view any Design Features


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CA Automic Dollar Universe



I just did an upgrade from 6.9.21 UVC to 6.10.91.  We have upgraded our Windows DUAS from 6.9.21 to 6.10.91, while on AIX, we upgraded our Dev nodes from 6.7.41 to 6.10.91.  

I just got called by our Development Operations team member, and was told that he cannot access the 'Design Mode' in UVC for all nodes.  It is just showing blank when he clicks on any option in the Design mode, like Uprocs, Sessions, etc.  He can access Monitoring mode, though.  I checked his Login Security, and nothing has changed from before. It's as if all his Design Mode authority has been removed, but isn't. See screenshots below. 

The odd thing is, I'm able to access Design mode, everything; I have Administrator authority.

All the permissions for the users and associated roles are correct.


Requested impacted user to use the desktop of working user and login with his credential to validate, if the issue is still observed.

It was noticed when impacted user, logged in from working user desktop all the UVC features are available. With investigation it was identified the issue is because the Java on impacted user desktop is 1.7 where required version is 1.8 or higher.


Release : 6.10, and higher

Component : Dollar Universe


  • Installed java 1.8.* on impacted user desktop
  • Post JAVA 1.8.* installation clear the cache as below
    • On start menu, type configure Java, to launch Java Control Panel
    • In Java Control Panel -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> View -> Delete all the cached entries
  • Launch the web-console by launching uvc.jnlp


Additional Information

Other errors which can originate due to Java incompatibility while launching uvc.jnlp are mentioned below

Java Console Error

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/orsyp/kmeleon/persistence/NodeConfigurationChangedListener


Note: Above errors can be addressed by installing compatible Java on server/desktop where uvc.jnlp is launched. (refer resolution section of the document)