Log Comment is not synchronized from SDM to Service Catalog
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Log Comment is not synchronized from SDM to Service Catalog


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Service Desk Manager (SDM) has been integrated with Service Catalog. However, Log Comment of a ticket added on SDM has not been synchronized with Service Catalog ticket.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Integration (Broadcom and 3rd Party)


In order to synchronize Log Comment from Service Desk Manager to Service Catalog, the following needs to be set up properly.

1. All necessary options have been installed with appropriate values under 'Options Manager' > 'CA Service Catalog' on 'Administration' tab.

2. CA Process Automation has been integrated with SDM properly. Please check if you can see the CA IT PAM forms list as per below.

2-1) Open a Request/Incident/Problem Area or a Change Category that does not have Classic Workflow settings. 
2-2) Click on 'Use ITPAM' button and ensure the CA IT PAM Processes are listed. 

3. A ticket is created from Service Catalog and 'External System Ticket' (Attribute: external_system_ticket) field has an appropriate value, its format has to have 3 notations, "CASC-requestItemId-requestId". You can check requestItemID and requestID in "usm_subscription_detail" table.

e.g. If request_id is 10009 and requestItemId is 12300, the External System Ticket is "CASC-12300-10009"