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How to get all interface details for a device with admin and oper status


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


How can I see interface information per device using REST?


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


POST against http://DA:8581/rest/ports/filtered/

<FilterSelect xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="filter.xsd">
   <DeviceComponent.IsFiltered type="EQUAL">true</DeviceComponent.IsFiltered>
   <DeviceComponent.DeviceItemID type="EQUAL">DEVICE_ITEM_ID</DeviceComponent.DeviceItemID>
    <DeviceComponent.DeviceItemID type="EQUAL">DA_ITEM_ID</DeviceComponent.DeviceItemID>
 <Select use="exclude" isa="exclude">
  <Port use="exclude">
   <Alias use="include"/>
   <AdminStatus use="include"/>
   <OperStatus use="include"/>
  <DeviceComponent use="exclude">
   <IsFiltered use="include"/>
   <DeviceItemID use="include"/>
  <Item use="exclude">
   <Name use="include"/>


This will show interface information for a particular device (DEVICE_ITEM_ID).  It will show Alias, Admin Status, Oper Status, and will show if the port is filtered or not

DA_ITEM_ID and DEVICE_ITEM_ID can be obtained for monitored items management page

We define the DA_ITEM_ID so it can be ignored

The above syntax gives you filtered interfaces.  

Change <DeviceComponent.IsFiltered type="EQUAL">true</DeviceComponent.IsFiltered> from true to false to get the other interfaces or just remove the filter all together to see everything for a device