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Repeated SEP client installs or upgrades may lead to catroot database corruption


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Endpoint Protection


When multiple successive versions of SEP have been installed or upgraded on a computer the catroot database used by Windows' CryptSvc may exhibit signs of corruption.


  • Launching PowerShell, cscript or similar takes minutes instead of seconds
  • Signature verification using catalogs fails or takes forever
  • C:\Windows\System32\catroot2\dberr.txt contains related errors


CIDS driver installs its catalog file to unique GUIDs for each version, and cleanup of the prior catalog may occasionally fail. Windows eventually reaches a subsystem limit and the catroot database will generate error codes like -1601, -1811, and -1805.


Upgrading the SEP client to 14.3 RU4 will attempt to clean the stale catalog files. If installation fails, a reboot may be necessary to allow the cleanup to complete before attempting the install again.

A permanent fix is being developed for release in a future version. This document will be updated upon its release.

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