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Guidance on how to export old jobs and import jobs into new console


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Ghost Solution Suite


The customer is looking for guidance on how to export jobs from the old GSS Console to a new GSS Server


GSS 3.x


  1. From the old GSS server,
    1. right-click on the job itself (or if you want to move all jobs under a folder right-click on the folder)
    2. and select export to create a bin file.
  2. Move the bin file to the new GSS server and under the "jobs" column, right-click > import then locate the bin file.
  3. This will in effect copy all jobs to the new GSS server.

Note: If images, software, or scripts are not present, copy those files to the same directory that the old server had. It is important that the files are in the same folders as they were under the old server so the jobs will not have issues.