Web Agent Logs and Traces not being created
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Web Agent Logs and Traces not being created


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After configuring Web Agent Logging and Tracing in the Agent Configuration Object (ACO), there are no Logs or Traces being generated.


Release : 12.52 

Component :  Web Agent


An orphaned LLAWP process is more than likely running in the background.   This usually occurs as a result of graceful restarts of the web server process.  Since the Siteminder Web Agent process (LLAWP) is a child process of the web server process (httpd, w3wp).  If the new web server process invokes a new LLAWP process when the old LLAWP process is still running, the new process will stop and the old process will likely become orphaned.


1) Stop all Web Server instances

2) Wait until all web server process (e.g. httpd, w3wp, etc) are stopped

3) Locate and Kill any remaining LLAWP processes

4) Restart the web server instances.