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installer fails at mapping hostnames in --hosts


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


completed the cleanup process yesterday for duplicates created by vna and dr validate ran perfectly. When I ran the installer I get the following error about hostname. 

Mapping hostnames in --hosts (-s) to addresses...
        hostname                       =>
Error: A cluster exists but does not match the provided --hosts in --hosts but not in cluster. in cluster but not in --hosts.
Hint: omit --hosts for existing clusters. To change a cluster use --add-hosts or --remove-hosts.
Installation FAILED with errors.

Installation stopped before any changes were made.
install_vertica script failed with exit code 1 ..........................[FAIL]
Script finished - ./
[[email protected] IMDataRepository_vertica10]# hostname


Admintools.conf had [Cluster]
hosts =

But nodes = v_drdata_node0001


Release : 21.2

Component : PM Data Storage


changed to nodes =

Upgrade then completed successfully

Additional Information

do a re-ip of the catalog IP.

create file /tmp/reip.txt

bring down the DB.
then run: 
admintools -t re_ip -f /tmp/reip.txt
answer yes when prompted to make the change.

then start the DB.