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NCM performs incomplete backup for the SSH communication mode


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


NCM OOB method getting incomplete Fortigate's backup.

Follows as attachment config output obtained over CLI and NCM for review.




Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Applications


Please make these changes in the $SPECROOT/NCM/config.xml:

<debugging type="java.lang.String">off</debugging>
    <print-config type="java.lang.String">off</print-config>
    <print-script type="java.lang.String">off</print-script>
    <tries type="java.lang.Integer">3</tries>
    <thread-timeout-value type="java.lang.Integer">3600</thread-timeout-value>
    <diff-largefile type="java.lang.String">on</diff-largefile>
    <ssh-library type="java.lang.String">mindterm</ssh-library>
    <jsch-read-datawait type="java.lang.Integer">8</jsch-read-datawait>
    <jsch-read-datawait-mutipler type="java.lang.Integer">30</jsch-read-datawait-mutipler>

Please edit the $SPECROOT/lib/SDPM/partslist/NCMSERV.idb file and increase the -Xmx parameter from 1024M to a higher value like 8192M, depending on the amount of free memory on this Windows host.

Then kill the ncmservice process to put the change in place. The Spectrum Process Daemon will launch a new one automatically.