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Hostname of devices created via REST doesn't change.


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We have a huge number of devices where hostnames were changed, however, the device's hostname remains the older one. 

According to the docs, the detection rate for hostname changes is 24 hours, so, hostnames should be reflected at least 48h later.


Release : All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases

Component : PM Discovery


DX NetOps Performance Management uses the NameLock attribute to determine if a name can be changed or not, to see if there is a NameLock enabled on a device.

If you override a device's name via DA's API, it will lock the name in DA so the system can't change it unless you remove the lock via rest. In the device's endpoint, you'll see a NameLock attribute under Item. 


Disable nameLock via API.

To do so, you have to run API PUT call again devices endpoint.


Containing this in Body, format application/xml.

<Device version="1.0.0">
<Item version="1.0.0">

Additional Information

To determine if NameLock is enabled you have to run API GET call against devices endpoint.


If NameLock is in the LOCKED state, you should see this in response: