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Access to the configure button in clarity project status module


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On the Status for a project - is it possible to hide the button 'Configure' for ordinary users?

If not an admin option to push status report design to all users in the system.



Clarity 16.0.1


As per the current design there is no configuration to hide the configure button on the status report tab of the project module. There is no specific security access right for this use case, and it appears the basic "Status Report - View All"  will itself enable the configure button for the projects that the user has access to in the system. 

Additionally there is no product functionality /feature by which an administrator can distribute status report design on status module for all users. The status report design is a personalisation record at the user level and there is no design publishing option in the system. There could be direct database updates ways in which could this be done but not generally suggested. 

Additional Information

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