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“No snapshot found” when trying to view an Identity Manager report after a database change


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager CA Identity Portal


Created a new database to be used with IM Snapshots:

1. A new database was created with the relevant script for schema/table creation

2. Changed the database connection paraneters for snapshot database in the IM via task “Modify Snapshot Database Connection: rptParamConn”

3. Updated the database connection URL in standalone-full.xml in the application server

4. Captured a snapshot and the data is correctly stored in the new database.

When attempting to view a report, however, the following error is observed: “No snapshot found”


When an Identity Manager environment (IME) is created (from the management console), it populates the data of all available OOTB snapshots in [imrptsnapshots12] table.

When we create a new DB, while the table is created as part of the schema, it has no information about existing environments and snapshot definitions. If we create the environment after the new DB has been assigned, it will then populate the relevant [imrptsnapshots12] table with the snapshot data.


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


 Ensure to copy the data from the original database [imrptsnapshots12] table into the new database [imrptsnapshots12] table - with this step done, the new database can be used by the report server.