Exploration issue when ORACLE TABLESPACE is changed on target server
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Exploration issue when ORACLE TABLESPACE is changed on target server


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CA Identity Manager


When Oracle tablespace is changed, the changed information cannot be retrieved from IM after exploring

If you look at the table properties with LDAP browser like Jxplore, there is eTORATableSpace attribute:

I created a tablespace called TIMS with the query below in the oracle server and checked the tablespace in ldap after exploring, but it was not explored.

Newly created tablespace appeared in Jxplorer only after I restarted the Connector Server

Why is a new tablespace not being looked up during exploration?


Release : 14.4

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This Oracle connector behavior is expected.

eTORATablespace attribute of eTORADirectory object class is cached by the connector, it is not stored in the Provisioning Directory.
This attribute values are populated during endpoint activation only. They are not discovered by exploration process.
You can see that eTORATablespace values appear in newly acquired Oracle endpoint object before that endpoint is explored.

Tablespaces created in Oracle cannot be seen in IM till Oracle connector is re-activated, and for that JCS needs to be restarted.

As Oracle tablespaces are not volatile, it doesn't make much sense to poll Oracle system for new tablespaces, which would affect performance.