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UIM - Saving alarm console settings on Operator console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Trying to save to settings of the alarm console, like columns order, size, sorting 

What is the exact procedure to save this in the UIM Operator console environment




Release :  UM 20.4 /20.4 CU1

Component :OC alarm portlet 


Current enhancements existing on 20.4 /20.4 CU1

From point 2 above column width change is retained after OC logout but not the column position change 

Column position change which is retained even when Alarm view is changed /logoff /login is planned in next Cumulative Update on 20.4 OC planned towards end of April 2022

This will be saved on a user basis. 


Workaround till feature implemented in 20.4 OC CU2

Severity and Device name are the two columns that are frozen.

Apart from these two columns, any column whose width is changed will be persisted and will be available for any revisits of that page. 

That is, after every column reposition, try to change the width of that particular column. 

This will save the position and width of that particular column permanently.


Note: Sort order is not retained in Alarm settings

This is currently not planned in upcoming 20.4 CU2 but is planned to be implemented in future OC releases 



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