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SpectroSERVER view of the BGP alarms and its representation in OneClick are not reflected in Jasperserver alarm report


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


BGP Events/alarms in the SpectroSERVER appear on the propVirtual interface models but in OneClick, they appear on the device model:

So when a Jasper report for alarms on the device model is generated, they do not appear.


DX NetOps Spectrum 20.2 or later
CABI JasperServer 6.4.3 or later


This is working as currently designed.

The following BGP events of type 0x220051, 0x220016 and 0x220017 are generated on the port models which eventually show up on the device in the OneClick: 

PeerSessionEstablishedEvent   = 0x220016,
PeerSessionDownEvent          = 0x220017,
ClearPeerSessionAlarmEvent    = 0x220018,
PeerSessionRemovedEvent       = 0x220019,
PeerSessionDownEventRootCause = 0x220051

These are generated as per:

TechDocs : DX NetOps 21.2 Spectrum : BGP Peer Session Monitoring

The BGP_APP4 application model will not change the issue which is that the alarms can be seen on the device model in OneClick but in Jasper reports the alarms are registered to virtual interfaces instead of the device.

The OneClick interface can collate the alarms occurring on sub-components and show them on the device model (if setup that way).

But in SRM from which Jasper gets all its data, these alarms are attached to the virtual interface models, not the device model.

If you want these BGP alarms to be reflected in the Report Manager then this will fall under an Enhancement Request.