HDD status is present(unsupported)
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HDD status is present(unsupported)


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ISG Proxy


Why the Disk has a value of "present(unsupported)" but the state is OK. 

Also, there are 2 HDD have no light in the S410 appliance and SGOS version is . 


Release :

Component : Default-Sym


The proxySG on ISG is a virtual machine, the disk drivers are all virtual drivers, the status of proxySG disks is not relevant to the ISG hardware status. 

To check how many storage devices are installed on ISG, ssh to ISG (or connect to the ISG serial console, select option 1 to open the command line interface), and run command,

ISG> show hardware-configuration


As per the sysinfo of proxySG,

 Storage: 3 drives
 Disk in slot 1: 0 GB QEMU     QEMU DVD-ROM    , rev:2.5+ serial:N/A attributes:none status:present (unsupported)
 Disk in slot 2: 4 GB KVM VirtIO Disk, rev:N/A serial:N/A attributes:boot status:present
 Disk in slot 3: 214 GB KVM VirtIO Disk, rev:N/A serial:N/A attributes:data status:present

The disk 1 is a DVD-ROM, the "present(unsupported)" status of DVD-ROM on proxySG is expected and it's normal.