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View - zEDC Compression and Crypto Express Encryption questions


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Can eligible View/Deliver files be compressed using IBM zEDC (enterprise data compression)?

Can eligible View/Deliver files be encrypted using IBM pervasive data set encryption (Crypto Express)?


Release : 14.0

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View uses the compression available in the environment where the data is written. 

The environment where the data is read must have the same algorithm available as was used to write the data. 

If that is true, View is algorithm-independent from hardware or software. 

As View and Deliver use a proprietary access method, the database data cannot be encrypted using IBM's pervasive encryption. 

If you create a new database, with encryption enabled, then any report associated with that database will be encrypted. 

For an existing View database, where encryption is enabled after its usage, newly archived sysout, report index data and backup tapes are encrypted. 

Existing report data will only be encrypted when the report is reloaded to the database disk layer (SARBCH /LOAD) or re-backed up to tape.  

To fully encrypt existing data, please do the following:  

 . Set the ENCRYPT initialization parameter to the desired setting.    

 . Use SARDBASE COPY or UNLOAD/LOAD on the database, to a new and empty database, to encrypt all reports in the new database. 

 . Encrypt existing backup tapes by consolidating the tapes with the SARPAC utility.