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DX NetOps Portal Performance Menus and Dashboards missing


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I've successfully installed the Portal and see all the submenu's dropdowns with the exception of "Performance". I've tried different ones but that doesn't help. Have also tried stopping/restarting Portal itself.

I've have no problems with a similar installation on a different server on another network.

The servers install logs, and it's logs during normal operation show no issues.

The and netqosportal.menu_i18n MySql database tables are populated.

Why are there no Menu options under Performance in a clean new DX NetOps Portal 21.2.8 install?

Why are there no Menu options to assign to a Role in a clean new DX NetOps Portal 21.2.8 install?


Specific root cause was not able to be identified. We see where the last few commands to build the OOTB default Menu and Dashboard entries were never run, thus they are not present in the web UI. It is unfortunately an area of the install lacking logging. This will be addressed in a future release.


DX NetOps Performance Management Portal 21.2.8.

May or may not be seen for other releases.


To resolve this take the following steps.

  1. Bring down PC and DM services. Run these as the install owner.
    1. systemctl stop caperfcenter_console
    2. systemctl stop caperfcenter_devicemanager
  2. Edit the /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin/ script (default path shown).
    1. Make a backup copy of the original, adding .orig to the end of the name to make it
    2. Open the existing script for editing.
    3. Find the following init_portal function in the file.
      1. function init_portal {
    4. Comment out (add a '#' symbol as the first character on each new line) the following lines:
      • #  "$JRE_ROOT/bin/java" -jar "$JAR_DIR/$COMMAND_JAR" -xmlMigrateFile "$SQLPATH/_portal.xml" -connection "$MYSQL_JDBC_URL" -dbuser "$MYSQL_USER" -origDbPass "$MYSQL_PASS_ORIGINAL" -dbpass "$MYSQL_PASS" $LOG_PARAM
      • #  "$JRE_ROOT/bin/java" -jar "$JAR_DIR/$COMMAND_JAR" -xmlMigrateFile "$SQLPATH/_init_ploc.xml" -connection "$MYSQL_JDBC_URL" -dbuser "$MYSQL_USER" -origDbPass "$MYSQL_PASS_ORIGINAL" -dbpass "$MYSQL_PASS" $LOG_PARAM
      • #  "$JRE_ROOT/bin/java" -jar "$SQLPATH/seedlu/bin/seedlu.jar" -resfile "$SQLPATH/" -ctrlfile "$SQLPATH/control.sdlctrl" -connection "$MYSQL_JDBC_URL" -user "$MYSQL_USER" -pwd "$MYSQL_PASS" -lang en-US $SEEDLU_LOG
      • #  "$JRE_ROOT/bin/java" -jar "$SQLPATH/seedlu/bin/seedlu.jar" -resfile "$SQLPATH/" -ctrlfile "$SQLPATH/control.sdlctrl" -connection "$MYSQL_JDBC_URL" -user "$MYSQL_USER" -pwd "$MYSQL_PASS" -lang fr-FR $SEEDLU_LOG
      • #  "$JRE_ROOT/bin/java" -jar "$SQLPATH/seedlu/bin/seedlu.jar" -resfile "$SQLPATH/" -ctrlfile "$SQLPATH/control.sdlctrl" -connection "$MYSQL_JDBC_URL" -user "$MYSQL_USER" -pwd "$MYSQL_PASS" -lang ja-JP $SEEDLU_LOG
    5. NOTE: Leave the last 2 commands alone.
    6. Save the changes to the fil.
  3. As the install owner run this command.
    • /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin/ initportal --production --dbpass <password> --log /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/InstallLogs/dbmigrate.log.<Year>-<Month>-<Day>_<Hour>-<Minute>.1
      • Default path shown.
      • Replace <password> with the complex custom MySql password.
      • This will run the 2 commands that didn't run and resolve the problem.
    • Example if run at 1930 hours on 2022-03-31:
      • /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin/ initportal --production --dbpass <password> --log /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/InstallLogs/dbmigrate.log.2022-03-31_19-30.1
  4. When complete start the Console and DM services.
    1. Start the DM service:
      • systemctl start caperfcenter_devicemanager
    2. Wait 30 seconds
    3. Start the Console service.
      • systemctl start caperfcenter_console

Log into the Portal web UI and verify the problem is resolved.