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Migration from API Portal Legacy (Classic) 3.5 to API Developer Portal 5.0.2 fails with ERROR: Error POST Users SOMEUSER: Not Found


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CA API Developer Portal


When running the migration tool, no users are migrated. And the tool throws a migration error for all users.

The error is as follows  ERROR: Error POST Users ANYUSER: Not Found

This is due to the deprecated /Users APIs in 5.0.2



1. Classic Portal 3.5 migration is only supported up to version Portal 5.0.2. 
2. For version 5.0.2, there is an additional step to temporarily enable the deprecated & disabled endpoint /users, in order to allow the migration to "create" the users in 5.0.2. 

To re-enable the /Users API you will need to set a settings feature flag via PAPI.



The setting name is FEATURE_FLAG_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_API. Issue a PUT on the /Settings endpoint with the following payload:


  "Uuid": "{{GENERATED_UUID}}",

3. After the migration is completed and verified, disable the deprecated /Users API again. Issue a PUT on the /Settings endpoint with the following payload:

  "Uuid": "{{GENERATED_UUID}}",
  "Value": ""