What configuration changes are required for changing the IP address and Hostname of an existing TDM Server
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What configuration changes are required for changing the IP address and Hostname of an existing TDM Server


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are planning to migrate our current production TDM Server to New Server hardware that is also running TDM  in a staging area. We have already validated the new TDM installation, and need to change the new server to use the old IP Address and possibly hostname, so the system migration is seamless for our users.  What will need to be changed in TDM once the hostname and IP are changed? 




Release : 4.8, 4.9, 4.10

Component : TDM Web Portal


Engineering confirmed that changing the IP address of the TDM server is not a problem, and nothing will need to be done from a TDM perspective for changing the IP Address.

However, if the hostname needs to be changed, there will be updates that need to be done for some configurations. We recommend:

For TDM Portal:

  1. Stop the CA Test Data Manager Portal service
  2. Modify the E:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\application.properties file, and replace the current hostname of the new server with the name of the old server. There will be serveral places where the hostname is referenced. Therefore, it may be best to run a Find/replace to ensure all references are updated.
  3. Save the changes to the application.properties file
  4. Navigate to %ProgramData%\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\logs, and clear out the old log files. This will give you a copy of fresh logs in case there are any problems with the Portal service.
  5. Start the CA Test Data Manager Portal Service
  6. Log into TDM Portal once all the microservices have started, and verify you can access Portal.

For TDoD (GTService): .

  1. Open a Windows File Explorer and navigate to where TDoD is installed. The default location is C:\Grid-Tools\TDoD\TDoD_ConfigEditor
  2. Launch the TDoDConfigEditor.exe
  3. In the "Configure Service" tab. This tab is used to configure the connection to the gtrep database.
  4. In the "Connection Sting" tab, ensure the correct gtrep DB connection information is entered here. 
  5. If any changes were made, click the "Save" button. 
  6. Click the "Verify" button to verify the connection to the gtrep database.
  7. Click the "Get Service Status" to verify if the service is running or not. If changes were made, you will need to restart the service before the changes will take effect.  
  8. Select the "Configure Portal" tab
  9. Update the "Service URL" field to use the correct hostname. Note, the port will remain the same: 8090.
  10. Click the "Save" button
  11. Click the "Verify" button 

    Note: If you haven't integrated TDM with ALM, then the error related to ALM Service is expected and can be ignored.

For GT Datamaker:

  1. Launch GT Datamaker
  2. Once logged in, go to the Security tab. You will be asked to log in again.
  3. Under "Users and Groups" select the "Service Layer" tab
  4. Modify the Primary Service URL to reflect the hostname or IP address change. This will be the same URL configured in the TDoD Configuration Editor - Configure Portal tab - Service URL field that we verified above.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. You should see the Build Date and Build Version fields populated if successful.