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emailgtw probe support for TLS 1.2


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are tyring to connect Emailgtw to an email server via TLS but it's not working. We cannot connect email Server via TLS. 

Our email provided will stop supporting non-secure TLS so it needs 1.2 minimum. 

--> When using Ignore TLS it works. 
--> Bue when non ticking Ignore TLS it doesn't connect. 


Erros seen:

Feb 21 10:26:26:469 emailgtw: ?Unable to negotiate TLS with this server:
Feb 21 10:26:26:469 emailgtw: (cmd_test_smtp_login) Could not open connection to any server
Feb 21 10:26:26:469 emailgtw: SREPLY: status = 2(communication error) ->




Currently there is no support for TLS 1.2


Release: UIM 20.x

Component : emailgtw-Probe Version 2.84


The probe version 2.84 does not support connecting via secure TLS 1.2. 

Engineering will be releasing the beta build of emailgtw probe by end of April 2022 and this will fully support TLS 1.2