RequestProcessor Status fails to start with event code 1008
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RequestProcessor Status fails to start with event code 1008


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Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent for Email


Network Prevent for Email server stuck in starting state on Enforce console, RequestProcessor status is stopped.
Tried starting it stops again and we can see event code 1008 on Enforce console > events:



RequestProcessor Logs show:

com.vontu.mta.rp.AbstractRequestProcessor createListenerSocket
WARNING: Listener creation failed. Address already in use: bind
 at Method)
 at com.vontu.mta.rp.AbstractRequestProcessor.createListenerSocket(
 at com.vontu.mta.rp.AbstractRequestProcessor.<init>(
 at com.vontu.mta.rp.RequestProcessor.<init>(
 at com.vontu.mta.rp.RequestProcessor.<init>(
 at com.vontu.mta.rp.RequestProcessor.main(
com.vontu.mta.rp.AbstractRequestProcessor createListenerSocket
SEVERE: (SMTP_CONNECTION.5205) Could not create listener (address= Address already in use: bind)
om.vontu.mta.rp.RequestProcessor main
SEVERE: Terminating request processor: 


DLP 15.x


Another program was binding to port 2025 configured for RequestProcessor listener. In this scenario it was rcgui.exe(used by LAN Desk tool)


Stop the program that is already bound to the port in question. Perform below steps to identify the application using the port and stop it:

1. Find the port that the RequestProcessor is trying to bind. Look at the RequestProcessor logs before binding error. In this case it shows port as 2025

2. Next run the following command using the port listed in the logs:
Netstat -ano | find "2025"

3. Check the process ID (PID) at the end of the line that is displayed after the "LISTENING" message in output of step 2.

4. Run the following command to get the process using port 2025, In the following exampe we use 3476
tasklist /FI "PID eq 3476"
The output will show Image name for the application. Stop that program and reconfigure it to use another port. 

5. To kill the process using command, run following command: 
Taskkill /FI "PID eq 3476"

6. Restart the Detection Service service and refresh enforce console and the network prevent for email services should be running.