Creating a digital certificate helpdesk questionaire
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Creating a digital certificate helpdesk questionaire


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Top Secret


Need to create a template for digital certificate setup helpdesk requests.

Users submit digital certificate helpdesk request with insufficient information to fulfill their request due to the lack of digital certificate experience.

Need to create a template to query users with initial questions when they open digital certificate helpdesk ticket.


Release : 16.0

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The following information will be required for you to fulfill digital certificate helpdesk requests.

1. The application name using SSL.

The applications doc provides its digital certificate requirements and how to define them to the security package. Most application require the whole certificate chain to be present on the keyring. Client and roots. Some applications like SMPE Internet Retrieval require 3 root certs and no client certs.

2. The dataset name where the certificates they want used and reside.

This dataset must be VB (variable blocked) and DSORG=PS.

It would probably be a good idea to provide users with the TSS command to create the certificate. There should be two sets of instructions. One on how to create a  Top Secret internally signed certificates and the other to create a 3rd party signed certificates.

3. The name of the keyring and keyring label name the user would like used.

4. The acid names that require the keyring, so you can attach the keyring.

5. User need to tell you which certificate is the root and client in the certificate package received from them, so you add them to the keyring appropriately.

Root certs require USAGE(CERTAUTH) when added to the keyring. Client  certs require USAGE(PERSONAL). They also need to tell you the DIGICERT names and LABLCERT names ( also known as certificate label name) they want to use to use.