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How do I see how many retired items I have?


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


How can I find out how many retired items the database has?


All supported releases


1. Access adminTools and choose: 2 Connect to Database

2. Find your schema (you will use this in place of $schema in any of the below calls that mention it):



dradmin=> \dn
        List of schemas
    Name    |  Owner  | Comment
 v_internal | dradmin |
 v_catalog  | dradmin |
 v_monitor  | dradmin |
 public     | dradmin |
 v_func     | dradmin |
 v_txtindex | dradmin |
 dauser     | dauser  |    <--- Schema
(7 rows)

3. Check overall count (if Retired is not in this list, you likely do not have many at all):

select facet_qname, count(*) from $schema.v_item_facet where item_id in (select item_id from $schema.v_poll_item) group by 1 order by 2 desc limit 10;


dradmin=> select facet_qname, count(*) from dauser.v_item_facet where item_id in (select item_id from dauser.v_poll_item) group by 1 order by 2 desc limit 10;
                       facet_qname                       |  count
 {}Pollable                    | 2974469
 {}Syncable                         | 2964935
 {}DeviceComponent             | 2954551
 {}DiscoveryInfo               | 2378852
 {}Port                        | 1498259
 {}AlternatePort               |  683094
 {}Retired                          |  364510  <---- Retired Items
 {}PoolConnectionPoolMember    |  149838
 {}PoolConnectionPoolMemberPVA |  149832
 {}NodeAddress                 |   97421

Additional Information

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