How to create a report of the thresholds in cdm probes
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How to create a report of the thresholds in cdm probes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to create a report with the current threshold configuration of all the cdm probes deployed to all robots.


Release : Any

Component : CDM


One option is to use a custom probe named probe_of_things:

The steps to follow would be:

- Download the probe from the Communities (link above)

- Copy the downloaded zip file to the primary hub server

- From IM or Admin Console, import the zip to the Archive

- Deploy the imported probe probe_of_things to the primary

- Open the probe's raw configuration 

- Check that the parameter "archive_path" has a valid value (path in the server where the files will be stored)

- Open the Probe Utility (Ctrl-P on the probe)

- Run the callback named threshold_get_config (you have to enter the list of hubs to be browsed)

- After a few minutes, check that the configuration files are saved to the path indicated before

- Go back to Probe Utility and run the callback named threshold_cdm_report

- Under the Nimsoft/probes/system/probe_of_things/reports folder you will find a HTML file named cdm_thresholds.html. You can double-click on it to open the report in a browser.