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Validation of variable inconsistent


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


TDM Portal release 4.9.408.0:

For a generator,

Validation of Variable in "Data Painter" page for the column in generator --> Gives Blank

Validation in "Edit Variable" page with data painter : --> Gives expected Value

The publish works fine for the generator but it is required to get the correct value of variable with data painter during generator creation.


Upon further investigation, found that if the system variable LD_ID is being hardcoded in variable rule then the variable validates fine and also other columns that use that variable also work fine.

When checking on LD_ID system variable we found that it resolves to two different values when validated directly as ~LD_ID~ in Variables section of Generator. For eg 7568

However a Variable 'Test" is created with just ~LD_ID~, and when we validate this variable in any Column of the generator, it give a different value like 7549.

Due to this difference in value of LD_ID, it is breaking the actual variable and other rules that use this variable.


Release : 4.9

Component : Web Portal - Generator


This issue has been fixed by SE team via below patch build. Download and apply this patch build. 

Steps apply the patch build are under TDM Web Portal section of below article: