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Controller probe cannot establish connection, giving communication error


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have installed robots in 3 Windows servers. We are able to see the hosts on which robot is installed in the Nimsoft Infrastructure manager. The controller, hdb, and spooler probe are showing green. However when we double click the controller probe. it gives an error unable to connect. connection not established.

We checked by telnet the port on both sides. From Hub, we are able to connect to 48000, 480001, and 48007 on which the probes (controller, spooler, and hdb) are running.

From the robots, Windows team checked, they could see 48002 port is allowing traffic to the local hub server.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - ROBOT


Customer completely reinstalled all the Hubs and recreated Tunnels.

Primary Hub, Tunnel Hub , Secondary/Remote Hub, in both UIM SDN environments.

Tunnel Hub being Tunnel Server and Primary & Secondary Hub configured as Tunnel Clients.

They also installed 1 Windows server with Infrastructure Manager (IM) client locally within the environment.

Then they were able to open the probes from the Primary hub IM session, as well as local from the Windows server IM in the environment.

Last week, they upgraded all the Hubs as 'Secure 'Hubs, and after that they were facing an issue connecting locally from the Windows server via IM. They will investigate that issue further.

But the original issue has been resolved.

From the Primary IM, they are also able to control as of now without any issues.