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3134 abend code initiating IDMSINTC in CICS


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When initiating the IDMS interface in a CICS startup, the following abend occurs:

DFHSI1580D CICS01 PLT program IDMSINTC has abended, code 3134


Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS/DB


A 3134 is a rather generic abend code which just indicates that there was an abend. It is documented at ABND3134.

To determine the real cause, look elsewhere in the CICS log for any IDMS related error messages.

A common cause is that some CICSCSD definitions are missing. In particular, messages such as these may be observed:

 IDMS DC021011 Failed trying to load nucleus module RHDCTERM
 IDMS DC208001 IDMS job abending with abend code DYLD
 IDMS DC208001 #ABEND from Module RHDCLODR at Location 16818000 Offset 004D28

RHDCTERM is often missing because it was required with the application of SO07638 but at that point, it was only documented in its HOLDDATA.

SO09362 actually delivers a new *.CAGJSRC(CICSCSD) member including the definition of RHDCTERM. which is:

DEFINE   PROGRAM(RHDCTERM)                          


Additional Information

KD 234331: An introduction to the IDMS CICS interface