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NAC not responding stuck at HTTP Status 404


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


Hai Team,

We are unable to access RA UAT management server. Kindly check and help us on priority.

we have uploaded the logs please check.



  • During validation we requested output of below queries from RA DB
    • select * from nac_nodes;
    • select * from master_nac;

From output of above queries it was identified that the HOSTNAME of the NAC is now resolving to different IP, compared to entry of HOSTNAME IP RA was having in it's table nac_nodes, which is a incorrect and NAC is unable to update the table, as the old IP was active in environment.


Release : 6.X

Component : Release Automation Core


Follow below step for correction.
  • Stop the NAC service
  • Check with your DBA, if there are any active connection to RA DB from old IP, if so ask them to kill those sessions/connection.
  • Take a backup of your DB, before below steps.
  • Make sure the NAC HOSTNAME corresponds to the new IP
  • Isolate the old IP from the network, if possible
  • Update the nac_nodes table to have new IP for NAC hostname
  • Start the NAC service.